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Car Laptop Stand

Car Laptop Stand

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Looking for a way to make long-distance driving more comfortable and productive? Check out the Car Laptop Stand! This handy device allows you to place your notebook or laptop on it while you're driving, so you can easily access it when you need it. It also has a suspension structure so there's no support on the lower part of the desktop, and the legs are freer. Plus, it can be placed on the steering wheel in the front or rear position. The Car Laptop Stand is a great way to use the small space in your car more efficiently and keep it clean. And with its easy adjustment of angle and height, it's perfect for multiple uses and postures. Ergonomic handle makes it easy to install.

Product Specifications: 
Material: PP
Large size: 42*28*2 cm
Small size: 30*17*1.2 cm

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